Why I Paint Inspirational Images

    I paint to create a connection with the natural environment and to share these images with others. The viewer can clearly experience the positive, colorful interaction I enjoy when I paint.

    What I Do

    I make paintings of rural landscapes with acrylic paint on stretched canvas and with watercolor on a variety of archival boards and papers. All the subject matter that I paint are my own original ideas. I sell my artwork on my website and accept commissions from for-profit and nonprofit corporations, government agencies, and individuals.

    My Favorite Part About Painting

    My subject matter is from the world around me. I live in rural upstate New York when there are hills, valleys and farmland. Everyday, I capture images I want to paint, either as a sketch, or in digital form. When the ideal circumstances happen, I also enjoy painting en plein air, or painting outdoors. Want to know more? See this blog post on "What I Pack to Paint Outdoors"

    Why I Make Artwork For Healthcare Facilities

    My path to painting landscapes for healthcare facilities has its roots in my teenage years. I had already developed a strong interest in the visual arts focused on drawing and painting. When I was 14, I had a traumatic, serious illness, which led to lengthy recovery therapy. I became fascinated with biology and medicine. In college, I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Medical Illustration. For many years I was employed as a medical artist at a hospital and as a freelance artist for medical publications. I also had the opportunity to found and direct an art gallery and work for a rare disorder and other nonprofit organizations as executive director, fundraiser, and grant writer. During this same time, I kept working on ideas in my own studio – where I keep sketchbooks full of renderings, illustrations, medical research articles.

    Today, I enjoy merging my own interpretation of color, line, and form onto canvas and paper. I love making colorful, inspiring landscapes. I hope my artwork will be a great positive addition to your healthcare facility and that your patients and staff enjoy the paintings as much as I do.

    What Your Space Has To Do With My Nature-Themed Paintings And Evidence-Based Art In Healthcare Design

    Researchers from the United States and Europe publish similar findings that artwork, specifically nature-themed art, helps patients, staff, and visitors at healthcare facilities. Having art in your facility will help reduce the need for pain medication, shortens recuperation time, calms the environment, decreases anxiety and stress for patients, staff, and visitors.

    As a visual artist who has been a patient and worked in a healthcare setting, I know this well. The paintings I create are colorful but calming, engaging, and positive for patients, staff, and visitors. I have worked to create art for new and renovated healthcare facility spaces created by architects, designers, and facility managers.

    My art is based on, and inspired by, regional locations and so the viewer is reminded of the familiar landscape of their own surroundings.

    The paintings on my website represent hundreds of paintings I have created over the past 20 years. You can purchase my painting from my shop or we can talk about a commission specifically for your space.

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